Can I have Visitors?

All Worlds stands as one of the few Gay hotels within the Coachella Valley that provides weekend passes starting from Friday Morning at 10 am and concluding on Sunday at 7 PM. Within this timeframe, any visitors (including massage therapists) are required to to purchase a pass if they wish to enter premises no matter how long or short of the duration of their stay.

If this does not work for you...

Kindly refrain from making a reservation at this establishment. Palm Springs boasts numerous excellent hotels, usually permit guests to have visitors. However, All Worlds does not fall within this category. Typically, these alternative hotels host a maximum of two to three dozen individuals on their premises at any given moment. In contrast, it’s not unusual for All Worlds to have well over one hundred guests on its grounds.

Challenging this policy...

is considered highly unacceptable and will not be accepted under any circumstances. Furthermore, it could potentially have an impact on any forthcoming reservations you intend to create.

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